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Download Frimetal Catalogues

With no changes for 2017 a reminder that our Frimetal Catalogue is available to download, showing the full range of Frimetal evaporators and condensers.

Also available to download through the link is the Frimetal Technical Catalogue when more in depth technical information is required.

Our catalogue is now available to download from our website and a link will take you to the Frimetal Technical Catalogue if you need more detailed technical information.

Bringing the range right up to date with new prices and new format, our catalogue follows the same model order as Frimetal's own catalogue so that they can be used together as easily as possible. The full range of evaporators and condensers is shown, including the different options which can be manufactured for commercial and industrial applications.

The popular NCF range of OEM condensers can be found on page 37.

Although the catalogue is shown in Sterling, if you would prefer a quotation in Euros please let us know.

All prices are list and ex works but discounts may apply and some directly delivered equipment will also include carriage.

While looking through, you may see -

* Latest models, including the VRE range introduced in 2015.

* Extended ranges - the following ranges have now been extended/new models introduced: FRM, FRB, FRL, GRM, GRB, GRL, GRX, GNHM, GNHB, GNHL, GNHX, TNHX and CBE condensers.

* Energy efficient models - E+ - are now available for the FRM, FRB, FRL GRM, GRB, GRL, GRX, GNHM, GNHB, GNHL, and GNHX ranges.

The E+design has many benefits, including better heat distribution and less water vapor formation in the coil. The main advantage is the greatly improved energy efficiency, using half the total power input that would be needed for a standard model. While more expensive initially Frimetal estimate that the extra costs will be recouped in 3 - 6 months, depending on operating conditions, after which the savings will come into their own.

Unchanged is Frimetal's quality and reliability, providing an extensive and versatile range of solutions to your cooling needs.

Check out all the options, as shown in the Frimetal Technical Catalogue, or just contact us - we will be pleased to help with selection, technical issues or developing bespoke models to meet your unique needs.

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