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Carly Refrigeration Components

Based in Lissieu in France CARLY designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality components for the refrigeration and air conditioning markets including a specialised high pressure range (shown on separate page) for CO2 systems.

Carly Filters, Driers and Decontaminants

An extensive range of core filter shells, drying, filtering and cleaning cores and bi-directional and anti- acid filter driers including:

• Replaceable core filter shells ACY and BACY (suction line) and BBCY, BCY and BDCY (liquid line)
• Filtering CCY (F) and CCY (I), drying CCY (HP) and cleaning cores CCY (N) and Platinum 48 drying cores
• Anti acid DCY and bi-directional DDCY filter driers, DDNCY Bi-directional flow and anti-acid filter driers (liquid line)
• FACY suction line cleaning filters, FCY dirt filters, FILTRY dirt filters for permanent use
• FNCY temporary ‘burn out’ driers (suction line), NCY (liquid or suction line) temporary cleaning filter driers
• RCY filter drier receiver sets and TSGY anti-acid filter dries with liquid sight glasses

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Carly Noise and Vibration Eliminators

Designed to reduce vibrations and the noise they generate this range of components includes:

• EVCYAC (single) and EVCYDEAC (double effect) vibration eliminators
• SCY discharge line mufflers to reduce noise caused by gas pulses (high pressure versions also available
• TSCYS stainless steel hoses with nickel plated steel connections

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Carly Oil Regulation Systems

A family of components designed for use in oil regulation systems:

• Differential valves HCYCT (non-adjustable) and HCYCTR (adjustable)
• HCYCF Oil filters and HCYBF replaceable core oil filter shells
• Turboil (welded), Turboil (flanged) oil separators and Turboil-R oil separator receivers (welded)
• HCYN mechanical oil level regulators and HCYVI isolation valves for oil regulators
• Hydroil oil filter drier for polyol-ester oils
• Levoil mechanical oil regulators and adaptors for use only in low pressure oil return systems

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Carly Connection Sets, Refrigeration Valves and Sight Glasses

• KRCY connection sets for use with all line components equipped with SAE connections to flare
• CRCY and CRCYP (fitted with a more powerful spring) high pressure check valves
• HCYVP (oil) and VCYL (liquid) sight glasses
• VCYLS (liquid sight glasses to solder onto pipes) and VCYR (receiver sight glasses)

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Carly Condensers, Receivers and Suction Line Accumulators

Condor-H (horizontal) and Condor-V (vertical) water cooled condensers with liquid receiver to ensure cooling, condensation and storage of refrigerant in refrigerating and air conditioning installations. In CO2 subcritical installations they can be used a s a liquid receiver with exchanger to keep temperature and pressure stable.

LCY (without heat exchanger) and LCYE (with heat exchanger) suction line accumulators and RLHCY (horizontal) and RLVCY (vertical) liquid receivers.

VCYR Receiver Sight Glass for direct monitoring of liquid refrigerant or refrigeration oil in refrigeration and air conditioning installations.

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Carly Maintenance Products

Available in different sizes and quantities these chemicals ensure the efficient and hygienic maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

• Carlyclean (detergent and grease remover for condensers and evaporators etc), Carlyclean-MC (cleaner and degreaser for aluminium micro-channel exchangers) and Carlyclean-F (finishing cleaner for all surfaces including plastics, metals and food surfaces in indirect contact)
• Carlynet (grease remover for exchangers and large kitchen surfaces)
• Carlybio disinfectant for evaporators water bins and filters etc
• Carlyclim (disinfectant-deoderent), Carlypro (detergent-disinfectant) and Carlypro-F (finishing detergent-disinfectant)
• Carlyloc leak detector
• Carlycoat anti-corrosion treatment
• Testoil (for refrigerating oils) and Testoil-3P-CO2 (for oils used in CO2 installations) acidity tests
• Stopacid acid neutralizer (-MAS for mineral and alkylbenzene oils, -POE for polyol-ester oils)
• Carlysafe-RTU is a ready to use disinfectant for hard surfaces in sensitive areas requiring high hygiene standards
• Carlycool calories discharger gel to protect components during brazing and welding
• Carlysteel anti-seize lubricant

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