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Marstair Ducted Condensing Units

For use in visually sensitive areas or where local planning regulations exclude equipment mounted outside, these units are fitted with centrifugal fans and are designed to be sited indoors with air being ducted into and out of the building.

Including the DRC+20, 30, 40, 50 60 and 80 models their range of nominal cooling duty is 1.4 - 4.7 kW at temperatures from - 5 to - 15 degrees C. Specifications include reciprocating compressors, suction and liquid service valves, 3 minute delay timer, liquid receiver and noise attenuation insulation.

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Martair Eskimo Range

MRC, MRC+, MRC+LT and Eskimo Ranges
A range of refrigeration condensing units for food display cabinets and many other refrigeration applications designed specifically for outdoor use.

All include an HP/LP switch, 3-minute start delay timer and fan speed head pressure control for operation in low ambient temperatures as standard. They can all operate free standing or wall mounted.

The MRC+ is now ECA listed and as well as the above comes with a sight glass, refrigeration drier, and BS EN 60947-3-1 isolator fitted to the unit to enable local maintenance

The above ranges operate between - 5 and - 15 degrees C but for much lower temperatures (-20 to - 40 degrees C) the MRC+LT range is available.

The new Eskimo range from Eskimo 30 to Eskimo 180 are designed with all the features of the MRC+ range but are specially adapted to suit R1270, proving 10% more efficient and with 99.9% less GWP than R404A!

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Marstair Green Heat Units

A system designed to capture th waste heat from your outdoor condensing unit that would normally be lost to the atmosphere and use it as background heating to warm the store. Quick to install and easy to maintain this is the perfect opportunity to reduce both your heating bills and carbon footprint.

Additional extras which are available include 1 kW or 2 kW heater kits to provide extra heat when the condensing unit is not running and a wired controller to enable the Green Heat Unit to be switched on or off as required.

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Marstair Low Temperature Cassettes

LT 600 & 875
Delivering cooling down to 8 degrees C these are suitable for a variety of refrigeration applications such as food preparation areas or low temperature storage for products such as flowers and chocolates.

The cassettes can be supplied separately for combining with existing R404A refrigeration packs for supermarket applications or they can be supplied with matched split systems (the MCU+ or DCU+ ducted systems).

The many features include low sound levels, long air throws, 3 or 4 way air discharge and coil cleaning from all sides.

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Marstair Wine Cellar Coolers

WM (high wall mounted) or DXD (concealed ducted cooling units)
For domestic and commercial wine cellar cooling and suitable for a wide range of cellar sizes the WM range with long air throws is a quiet, high wall mounted cooling unit. Where cooling systems need to be felt but not seen or heard the DXD model provides a concealed ducted cooling unit.

The WM range is available with cooling duties for above ground cellars up to 36 m3 and below ground cellars up to 47 m3 at 12.7 degrees C.

The DXD range can be used for above ground cellars up to 70 m3 and below ground cellars up to 89 m3 at 12.7 degrees C.

Small, low noise outdoor units (MCU+) are available for the heat extraction or a ducted heat extract unit (DCU+) can be used where outdoor unit installations are not possible.

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