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Service Tools

A wide range of tools for use in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Service Tools

Brazing Materials

SUPER FIRE 2 Torch for brazing copper tube up to 1 1/8" indoors. Flame temperature of 2000 degrees C using MAP/Pro gas, piezo ignition, flame adjustment, locking button and useable through 360 degrees.

ROXY KIT PLUS portable copper brazing set complete with fuel and oxygen cylinders. Only 6 kg in weight including cylinders and accessories.

110 BAR OXYGEN REFILL. 930 ml replacement oxygen cylinder for Roxy Kit Plus.

MAXIGAS 400. 600 ml replacement gas canister for Roxy Kit Plus and others with similar fitting.

A variety of other brazing essentials including MAP gas and soldering mats.

Service Tools

Electronic Instruments

DT 1620 digital thermometer and electronic weighing scales.

Service Tools

MA Range of Instruments

Includes A/C D/C clip on meter, mini infrared thermometer, circuit tester, mirror, plastic spirit level, dual probe thermometer, capacitor tester, digital multi meter and digital clip on meter.

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Service Tools

External Bending Springs

Range size: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4".

Service Tools

Flaring and Swaging Tools

Flaring swaging set and expander sets.

Service Tools

TPI Test Instruments and Leak Detectors

Includes TPI750 leak detector, TPI120 multimeter, TPI255 clampmeter, TPI133 multimeter and TP312 digital pen thermometer.

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Service Tools

Leak Detection

TPI 750a Leak Detector detects leaks of all fluorinated refrigerants as little as 0.3 oz (8 gm) per year.

Micro UV LED Flashlight for use with dye kits.

Dye starter pack and Dye Injectors, 6 pack. Graduated dye injectors for use with Flashlight.

UV absorbing goggles to protect eyes and help leak detection.

Combustible Gas Leak Detector. Ultra sensitive sensor that detects less than 5 ppm methane and better than 2 ppm for propane.

Sulphur sticks for detecting leaks of ammonia refrigerant. White cloud is formed on contact.

Other liquid spray and brush on leak detectors also available.

Service Tools

Other Tools

Includes ratchet wrench, core remover, mini bender, nitogen regulators, comparitor, piercing pliers and fridgenius magnet (solenoid).


Refrigeration Books

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Manual - 1170 page book covering all aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning. A must have for all engineers!