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StrutFoot Flat Roof Support Systems

StrutFoot Universal Flat Roof systems have been designed to support HVAC equipment, cable management and mechanical services without the need to penetrate the roof membrane and to provide straightforward solutions in a wide range of applications.

StrutFoot Plastic Feet

StrutFoot's plastic feet are made from 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and each comes complete with a pre-attached anti-vibration pad. They can be used on strut/boxes 41 x 41 mm, 41 x 21 mm and 40 x 40 mm.
SF3200 - SWL (Kg per Foot) 150, SF3105 SWL 175, SF3505 SWL 250.

StrutFoot R400 Dual Foot will fit both 80 x 80 box section and 41 x 82 back to back channel. Made from HDPE it is designed to offer flexibility in framing system installation.

StrutFoot Basket Feet are also made from HDPE and are designed to speed up the installation of basket tray.
SF3030 clearance 30 mm, SF3080 clearance 80 mm.

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StrutFoot Frames

StrutFoot H Frame Kits are a quick and easy solution to support all cable management, ducting and pipework. Each kit includes 2 plastic feet and 1 fixing kit.

StrutFoot Base and Plus will suit most installations and can be extended to any length providing fast and economical systems for mounting M & E services, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration on flat roofs.
SF1002 StrutFoot Base - 4 feet and 2 sliding arms, maximum SWL 700 Kg
SF1004 StrutFoot Plus - 2 feet and 2 sliding arms, maximum SWL 350 Kg

StrutFoot LD Frames with 4 to 14 feet per system and 2 to 12 sliding arms are a flat roof support system offering total flexibility for design, layout and installation.

StrutFoot HD Frames are predominantly used for large Air Handling Units and Chillers. Using heavy duty, 41 x 82 hot dipped galvanised channel it has been designed for heavy loads, cable management and pipework which can all be easily installed into the channel system.

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StrutFoot SFR Rubber Feet

The StrutFoot SFR Range has been designed to carry loads on non-penetrable roofs which include pipework, cable management and small units. They are available with aluminium channel to ensure a high corrosion resistance.
Included in this range are the StrutFoot SFR Mini Split Kits, Angled Runner Pads, Vibro Mats and AV Pads.

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StrutFoot Additional Items

A number of other items are available to offer versatile solutions and support the main systems outlined above:

• StrutFoot Cantilever Kit – available in 3 sizes they provide a quick and easy solution to supporting air conditioning units and heat pump systems to the wall.
• StrutFoot Fleeces – suit both the StrutFoot plastic and rubber feet and are used in between asphalt and PVC roof membrane surfaces to help prevent polymer migration between the plastic and rubber products.
• StrutFoot Mounting Blocks support small condensing units on a roof without penetrating the roof membrane.
• StrutFoot’s Adjustable Ducting Support System is available for both plastic and rubber feet and offer flexibility, a non-penetrative system and quick installation.
• StrutFoot Angled Leg Assembly is a new adjustable angled insert which allows installation on a pitched roof up to 10Ί so that the framework will sit square.
• StrutFoot Cushion Clamps – to support copper refrigeration tube.
• StrutFoot Beam – an adjustable heavy duty support system typically used with heavy AHU’s.
• StrutFoot Quad System – used to support large/heavy AHU’s, chillers and plant rooms.
• StrutFoot StepOver and Bespoke Access – a full range of stepovers is available with 1000 mm wide steps and 1000 x 1000 mm platform and handrail per unit. Designing and manufacturing bespoke access in house these can also be adapted to meet specific needs.

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