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Frimetal Adiabatic Condensers and Evaporators

PA Series Air Cooled Condensers and Liquid Coolers with Water Spray System.

Option available for the following models:

CB, CBE, VC and VCE Condensers and
AL, ALE, VL and VLE Liquid Coolers

Frimetal Adiabatic Condensers and Evaporators General Features

Series PA

Air Cooled Condensers and Liquid Coolers with Water Spray System

Option available for models CB, CBE, VC and VCE condensers and
models AL, ALE, VL and VLE liquid coolers.


* Double operational system, dry as a standard condenser/liquid cooler or wet by spraying water over the finned surface of the coil using special nozzles.

* Includes copper piping for water distribution, removable nozzles, water filter, manometer and water pressure regulator.

* Custom made designs adapted to your requirements according to the unit selected and the operating conditions etc.


* Size and cost reductions.
In summer, operating with wet coil, the adiabatic cooling of the ambient air makes the unit work with an increased temperature difference and therefore the model needed will be smaller than if a standard condenser/liquid cooler was used.

* Low water consumption.
Since the unit is wet operated only in summer or during the hottest midday hours and because the water sprayed is only the amount that the coil is able to take in without water loss or accumulation.

* Low water pressure.
The pressure spraying nozzles operate at low water pressure between 1 and 6 bar and so the system can work with normal city mains water pressures and does not need a water pumping system to operate.


Since there is no stagnation of warm water, there is no risk of generation of legionella.

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